Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Accounts MIS Data

Change in Accounts MIS Server

There is a change in the server configuration for Accounts MIS to improve performance. This has to be carried out at all the offices where Accounts MIS client (i.e DET) is in use.

If Accounts MIS application is upgraded from Meghdoot Version 6.6 CD:

Click on "change configuration" option and provide the configuration details afresh. This will update the server details automatically.

If Accounts MIS application is installed afresh:

No action needs to be taken. The revised location is already updated

If Accounts MIS application is older than the version available in Meghdoot version 6.6 CD:

In the Accounts MIS client installation folder, a file with name Meghdoot Accounts MISclient.exe.config file will be available. Open that file in Notepad or any text editior and find the line "key="webserver" and replace that line with the following line.

Save the file and execute the application. Dont touch/Modify other entries as it will leave application in corrupted state.

For accessing the mis the url will be 'https://services.ptcmysore.gov.in/accountsmis/' with immediate effect.

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